Location Based Mobile Marketing

Proximity Marketing Analytics

The Ultimate User Acquisition Advertising Platform

Increase foot traffic with mobile users and deliver detailed marketing reports to your location-based clients. Use analytics to fine-tune future marketing campaigns and improve your clients marketing strategy for customers’ acquisition.

How It Works
CatchCoin Overview
Business Perspective
CatchCoin Location Portal Features
Powerful Campaign
  • Temp 2Create custom, targeted marketing advertising campaigns in real time
  • Temp 2Target based on location, time and user demographics
  • Temp 2Pause, resume and adjust budget within minutes, 24/7
  • Temp 2Push notifications
  • Temp 2Statistics on consumer habits, behaviors and demographics
  • Temp 2Detailed performance and traffic data analytics
  • Temp 2Print-friendly reports ready to send direct to clients
  • Temp 2Realtime dashboard statistics
Plus Partner Tier Discounts, Channel Support & More!

CatchCoin is the essential targeted marketing tool for retailers and venues looking to increase foot traffic and customer acquisition. The app takes full advantage of local store marketing and on a more granular level, proximity marketing.

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CatchCoin's vision is to change the way retailers,
venues and events market to their audiences
Traditional advertising
YES Drive qualified consumers
and increase brand awareness
YES Custom schedules to generate
customers during low traffic periods
YES Track and adjust budget in real time NO
YES Target campaigns to specific
geo-targeted locations at any time
YES Reports and statistics on consumer
habits, behaviors and position
YES Detailed performance and traffic
data analysis
YES Push notifications for nearby users NO
Start tracking your campaigns,
add CatchCoin to your marketing toolbox!
CatchCoin is ideal for businesses like yours


Restaurants & Bars




Health & Beauty
Let's build CatchCoin together
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